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Milky White (album)

by The Good

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The Good's music is tricky to describe: The Chicago band plays a form of rock that's just off-kilter enough to avoid easy pigeonholing. The group's recent Milky White CD is full of odd harmonies and chunky riffs, with enough commercial-sounding singles ("Popular Notions," et al) to survive in an overpopulated music world. —The Onion, Madison / Chicago, August 2, 1997

The Good's lyrics have it all over most locals, and they could stop there, but they don't. Scholvin is a rock god guitarist who perks up this record all over the place, Arkin adds violin on Rogers' eerie "Building On Graves," and this band could give a seminar on how to turn background vocals into the most intriguing part of the song. When I reviewed their last record, I said that The Good live up to their name. This time, they outclass it. Rating: 8 (out of 10) —Gwen Ihnat, Illinois Entertainer, May 1997

If the clever lessons within the lyrics and their well orchestrated progressions don't hook you, then the lush vocals of singers/songwriters Devin Arkin and Tony Rogers will make you a fan for sure. If you do not already own a copy of The Good's latest effort, I strongly suggest you go pick one up. You won't be sorry. —Escapist Magazine, Peoria, IL, February 1998

One band has distinguished itself from other Chicago performers. Whitehouse Records' The Good have combined strong lyrics, perfect harmonies, and diverse melodies to create their second album, Milky White. With such a powerful release under their belts, I predict The Good is on the way to national attention. 4 STARS (out of 5) —Daily Illini, Champaign, IL, March 6, 1998

Milky White is the stunning debut from The Good out on Whitehouse Records. The record (and the band too actually) are a bit difficult to easily characterize. Though it's basically straight-ahead rock and roll there's a bit of an alterna-twinge and elements of the Beatles and 70's arena rock not to mention a bit of folk and blues thrown in for fun. There's also an element of They Might Be Giants type of humor-rock. —Rob Cooper, Divein Chicago, February 1998

These guys are kinda like the Beatles meet Teenage Fanclub...... while getting hit by a bus driven by Pink Floyd! They have combined witty lyrics of the ages, with an excellent guitarist, and amazing vocals to top!
—Eclectic Ecstasy, Griffith, IN, July 1998

The kinds of catchy, inspired, infectious lines that have not crossed my ears in quite a while. Crashing modern media into classic literature, The Good have produced a lush soundscape of odd thoughts that translate into purely wonderful music. —In The Mix, March 1998

While other Chicago powerpoppers The Bad Examples are more likely to draw comparisons to Squeeze and Crowded House, The Good are more likely to thunder along like the Who and the Posies.... The band's latest CD is Milky White, a stunning (and generous) collection of lyrically unique powerpop gems that rarely misses. And it's not afraid to try to make you think. —Tom Durkin, Noize.com, January 1998

If Frank Zappa had ever started a band with Pete Townshend of The Who in some alternate universe, the result would probably sound like The Good. —Daily Egyptian, Carbondale, IL, January 30, 1998

Don't ask how they do it, but the Good can weave depressing subjects like political and moral decay into intricately devised compositions that sound exactly like rock 'n' roll. One finds oneself enraptured by the tunes, while at the same time being immersed in deep inner debate over the lyrical nature the Good exude... With subtle sarcasm, obvious taunts, and a wicked sense of humor, Milky White captures essences and nuances of life's grand parade that hardly ever come to light in contemporary media of any kind. —Nightlife Magazine, Carbondale, IL, January 29, 1998

The pop rock of The Good is worthy of the band's name. The Good weaves intricate tapestries of songs from background vocals and layers of instruments. Breaks and bridges from The Good are hummable enough to be full songs on other discs. —Hi-Test Records, December 1997

Thought provoking lyrics... crunching guitars... creativity... intensity... The Good. Their latest release, Milky White, is one of this year's more remarkable CD's and definitely creates a connection with the listener. Their lyrics and fervid guitar riffs make this CD special. Add The Good's creative background vocals with tight, full sounding production and this CD soars. —Backstage Pass, Chicago, November 1997

The Good is damn good. Sporting loud guitars with heavy riffs, they lay down some numbers that are full overdrive, but still manage to sound original. No simple task in this day or any day and age. Incorporating piano, some strings, and even a few choice samples into the fray, Milky White has all the earmarks of becoming a fan favorite and a critic darling. —The Glass Eye, Cleveland, October 1997

Sophistication and pop rarely go hand in hand, unless you're dealing with Chicago's The Good. At first listen, these lyrics sometimes seem inflammatory. After all, The Good refers to minister Louis Farrakhan as a "bigoted fucker" and the atom bomb as a big reaction to "Nips." Underneath this shocking exterior, however, lies some carefully devised commentary. —Rock Island Argus, September 4, 1997

So what makes The Good so... good? For one thing, they're not afraid to be original. The songwriting alone is intelligent, thought provoking, and at times, downright good humored. This band has a strong knack for utilizing so many different sounds, styles, feelings, and emotions in their music it'll make your head spin.... The Good, however, put that old adage of "jack of all trades and master of none" to rest. Milky White is a garish collection of dazzling melodies, haunting minstrelsy, and true musicianship. —Mark Bruno, Showcase Magazine, Chicago, August 1997

Full-layered great songwritten rock here with tunes that aggressively and intelligently take on Harry Truman, Winnie Mandella, Lou Reed, Orson Wells, and Minister Farrakhan. It's thinking man's music all around. Damn good! —River Cities' Reader, May 21, 1997

The Good (from Chicago) is definitely worth checking out... they're five funny guys with the serious musicianship to drive the humor home. —The Des Moines Register Datebook February 5, 1997


released January 1, 1997

All songs by Tony Rogers or Devin Arkin. Performed by Tony Rogers (vocals, guitar), Devin Arkin (vocals, violin), John Scholvin (guitar), Ryan Olbrysh (bass), and John Goodman (drums). Featuring Scott Ramsayer (keyboards), Dorothy Deen (cello), James M. Bartlett (string bass), and Lenore McIntyre (violin). Recorded by Chris Shepard and Scott Ramsayer.



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Tony Rogers Chicago, Illinois

Tony Rogers is a pop-rock songwriter from Chicago. His musical credits include a long stint with The Good ("Masterful"—WXRT) and a long running musical "Pop Psychology" (2002 Album of the Year, Chicago A&E). His latest solo album, "Sycamore" (2011), spawned a popular video for the song "Call the Press," and a 2012 single ("Great") was featured in a hit commercial for Purina Pro Plan. ... more

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