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by Tiny Bit of Giant's Blood

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The first five tracks from the band that will save your life if you only let them. Featuring Tony Rogers & John Scholvin from The Good, along with Jackie Schimmel on bass and Greg Fundis on drums.


released October 31, 2018

Tony Rogers: vocals, keys, acoustic guitar
John Scholvin: electric guitar, vocals
Jackie Schimmel: bass guitar, vocals
Greg Fundis: drums

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Bryan Clavey at Crystall Recorders in Lombard, IL.

Cover photo by Lincoln Rogers

©℗ 2018 Wallet Boy Music
All songs written by Tony Rogers, except "Ambition of Submission," by Tony Rogers & John Scholvin; and "A Gift," by Lou Reed, with additional music and lyrics by Tony Rogers


all rights reserved



Tony Rogers Chicago, Illinois

Tony Rogers is a longtime Chicago artist best known for:

—A long stint with his band The Good ("Masterful"—WXRT)

—His long-running musical "Pop Psychology" (2002 Album of the Year, Chicago A&E)

—"Great," a 2012 single featured in a hit Purina commercial

—"Alphabites," a millions-viewed PBS Kids video

—Tiny Bit of Giant's Blood, his recently launched glam punk heavy rock band.
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Track Name: Giants are harder and bigger to kill
I let you shark a couple of friends away
And I didn’t dare to say
But I guess I must have had
Something that they didn’t have
I know I’m not the one
Calling all of your shots
And I’m lucky that I’ve got
The chance to show you what you’re not ready for

Someone who’s a little superhuman
Less like one, more like two men
I know you’re used to being on top

But I got a tiny bit of giant’s blood
And you should know
That I will trample any gallows pole in my way
And now I remember
That I forgot that GB in my veins
And that’s the main reason you ever got me to stay

I know you’ve been in charge for around four bill
And I know you like to kill
But nothing lasts forever
And you’re not quite nothing, so
Let’s give you a quiet, lonely place you can hide
With a lot of time to bide
And we can turn this big show over to

Someone who’s a little metahuman
More than one, more than two men
I know this might all come as a shock

But I got a tiny bit of giant’s blood
And you should know
That I will trample any gallows pole in my way
And now I remember
That I forgot that GB in my veins
And that’s the main reason you ever got me to

Lay down just for a minute
That’s when you managed to weaken my will
Later on and I get it
Giants are harder and bigger to kill

Giants are harder and bigger to kill
Come on come on come on come on
Live live
Track Name: Number One Man
Well of course
Lincoln is my number one man
When we walkin’ down the street
Giants kneel to shake his hand

When he’s shot he gets right back up
Drains the holes into three or four cups
You see him comin’ just shut the fuck up

Link clink, let’s have a drink
You got the first, now it’s back and forth I think
Your tab is big, don’t have enough
Think we’ll be paying a long time for all that top stuff

Now you know
Lincoln is one generous cat
He’d give you just about anything except that hat

Give you a hand, that one a smack
Give up the blood-soaked shirt from his back
Give you the hood from his pure white Cadillac

Link clink, let’s have a drink
I’ll get the next then back and forth I think
It’s not just you, it’s all of them
You cut ‘em off but they grow back as injured gentlemen

Hennessy for the man of sea
Down at table three who thinks it’s all free

Belvedere for the auctioneer
Who can drink in your fear like comped and canned beer

Patron for the one who owns
But he ain’t got the stones to spend his own bones

Irish Mist for the apologist with a fancy twist
He don’t pay to get pissed

Russian Jewel for the drunk mule for the white school
He even took the stool

Gold Malort for the chief of court
Who tried to support but seems he fell short

Ketel One for the chick in the sun with the flag on her blouse
She thinks it’s on the house

Cognac for the PR hack
Who will paint it black but duck before the check cracks

Look at me, I’m totally smashed
It was free, and it was a blast
No debt comin’, though I didn’t ask
But what do I care?
I got to enjoy it
Track Name: Getting to know each other over a tankard of grog
Oh you sell insurance
That’s really great
And does it pay you well
But do you hate to tell
And do you veil the smell
And just wait for hell?

Ooh you’re a designer
That’s really cool
So do you make big shots
And do you think deep thoughts
And do you ride to town
With a measured frown?

Me, I’m snuffing dragons
It’s not really bragging if it’s true
It’s just a job that I do

When I’m feeling ready
I snatch up my machete and I go
Down to Mexico
Where the dragons lay low
Most people don’t know

Oh, you’re a mechanic
How about that
I guess you’re good with your hands
You only like hard bands
I bet you’re in demand
In the motherland

Whoah, not for profit!
I am impressed
And by the way you dress
You don’t care about success
I’m a little ashamed
I only duck jet flame

Me, I’m Chucking dragons
It’s not really bragging ‘cause it’s true
Why would I lie to you?

When I’m rough and tumble
I pinch my brass knuckles and I fly
Montevideo, Uruguay
Where the dragons stay high
And nobody asks why

God damn, the mouth
That’s a dangerous thing
She breathes fire
And not like a sexual thing
We can’t bone if I’m just a pile of ash
And it’s not too smart if you get too attached
Let’s go back to my cave
I got hamlets to save
We can rustle a feast
Before I take on the beast

Now that you know me
What do you think now?
Track Name: The Ambition of Submission
You probably think "I got this down"
That was before I got to town
You’ll see
You just went up against the thief

Let’s get it straight
Let’s hit rewind
You’re not that smart
But simple minds can still read
And now you’re up against me

I am the one
I am the son

I’m number one
A loaded gun
Already won

It’s not too late to sit one out
Nobody knew you’d draw this bout
No deceit
And not a chance you will succeed

I’ll help you out
I’ll turn my back
You walk away
I don’t attack
You don’t keel
Man I am offering you a deal

I am the one
I am the son

(the ambition of submission)

I’m number one
A megaton
Let’s get it done

Wait a minute
I know exactly how you feel
You’re probably thinking
Jesus christ can this be really real?
And I say well, does it matter
If I’m already inside your head?
I mean once you allow a breach like that
My dear, you are completely dead
Unless you play along
Maybe every day get a little strong
Who knows?
Maybe I’ll back off
But haha, no no, ahem, cough cough
This is the truth and I’ll tell you why
Remember when you had no interest
In how I would cope with all the bombs you dropped?
And honey, they took forever to stop
I had to build a solid defense
With shrapnel pummeling every sense
I had to wait
To bide my time
Until you got distracted by some other war
Some other front
And then to be honest
Then to be blunt
That’s when I saw I was bigger
Way bigger than we gave me credit for
When I stood up straight—all the vigor—
I had to duck my head to fit out the door
And then I could see over houses
And then I could see for miles
And then I could see that your waterworks
Well, they looked a little like crocodiles
And then I could see how to love you
Even if I didn’t let you back
And then I could see how to hold you
And still hold off the next wave of attacks
Because I was there, it was me
It wasn’t just us, it was me
And I needed that to see
And I needed that to see
And I needed that to see
And thank you for beating that shit right out of me

In this corner: me
Track Name: A Gift
I’m just a gift to the women of this world
I’m just a gift to the women of this world
Take it home if you please
But go easy on the knees
Cause I’m just a gift to the women of this world

Like a good wine, I get better as I go
Like a good wine, I get better as I go
Better for your mouth
And even bigger in the south
Like a good wine, I get better

To the women of the plain: you’re welcome
To the ladies of Spain: de nada
To the lovelies in Brazil: seja bem vindo
To the femme in La Rochelle: de rien
To the maidens of China: bié keqi
To the matrons of Russia: pozhaluysta
To the ladies in Uganda: karibu
To the girls in Santa Monica: I got you

I’m just a gift to the women of this world
I’m just a gift to the women
And the boys

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