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With a Beard (single)

by Tony Rogers

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This is a song I wrote and recorded for a brilliant charity called Septembeard, which encourages you to grow a beard during the month of September to raise money for prostate cancer research. Check out the music video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVX9Nn3OCC8&list=PL21A44AADD4AE8258&index=1&feature=plcp then visit Septembeard.org to lend your support.


Think I look better with a beard
Think I look better with a beard
I tried so hard to pull this off
All I felt was weird
Think I look better with a beard?

I think I look tougher with a goat
I think I look tougher with a goat
Thief don’t bother my bed these nights
Nick my lucky throat
I think I look tougher with a goat

With a beard

You think I look dirty with my patch
You think I look dirty with my patch
Ain’t no mess that can’t get clean
Fistfuls of my cash
Think I look filthy with a patch

With my ‘stache
With a beard

Jesus grew a beard that was was righteous and holy
Judas grew a fu manchu but it was moldy
It takes mad love to grow a beard right
A good beard needs clean water and sunlight
Exercise, sleep, and hot sex
Your face is concave, mine's convex
I grew a beard, man
I grew a beard
I'm the weird man
With the lucky beard

'Cause a beard brings out the beast in everyone
Ya best have respect for the Rastafarians
The Amish and the Sikhs and hippies and the frikas
You can wear it on your throat or your chin or your chikas
Yo, Hitler had a sweet mustache, but it was small
And it really didn't seem to help his image at all
Just grow a beard, man
Grow a beard
Be the weird man with the bushy beard, Mephistopheles

With a beard

Think I look better with a beard
(sing it, Nostradamus)
Think I look better with a beard
(grow it longer than Osama's was)
To face a crowd, to be unloud
I disguise my fear
(just grow a beard)
I think I look better with a beard


released September 4, 2012
Song written and performed by Tony Rogers, with
Chris Sands aka Sandman (rap) John Scholvin (guitar), Tad Santos (bass), John Goodman (drums), Steve Kouba (piano), Marcin Fahmy (organ)
Recorded by Chris Harden and Shane Hendrickson, mixed by Manny Sanchez at IV Lab Studios, Chicago



all rights reserved


Tony Rogers Chicago, Illinois

Tony Rogers is a pop-rock songwriter from Chicago. His musical credits include a long stint with The Good ("Masterful"—WXRT) and a long running musical "Pop Psychology" (2002 Album of the Year, Chicago A&E). His latest solo album, "Sycamore" (2011), spawned a popular video for the song "Call the Press," and a 2012 single ("Great") was featured in a hit commercial for Purina Pro Plan. ... more

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